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Hunnie Bun

Hunnie Bun

January 19, 2022
Meet my new friend Hunnie Bun!
Hunnie Bun and I met at Dragutante! She is a 13 year old Drag Queen, Makeup Artist and Model! Listen to their story and why they love drag!
For more information on Hunnie: insta @hunniebun
For more information on Draguntante: dragutante.org
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December 15, 2021
Meet my new friend Tyler. We have a lovely chat about mormonism, being queer, coming out, ballroom dancing, DRAG and how we got connected! Enjoy!
you can find Tyler in instagram @tyrey_93
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GSA: Gender Sexuality Alliance

GSA: Gender Sexuality Alliance

December 1, 2021
   This episode showcases the Queer Leaders of today from Cedar Grove High School, GSA in New Jersey. We chat about who they are, what they are doing and what the future holds for the social justice work they will continue after they leave HighSchool. These kids are literally going to save the world.
Please check out QueerUniverse.org
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November 17, 2021
Meet Josie! Listen in on how Theatre and Cosplay have a great impact on self-expression for them. I keep getting connected to Queer Youth through the amazing Diversionary Theatre in San Diego. It is a brave space for Josie to showcase courage and to truly be themselves. Enjoy!
for more info on the theatre visit: diversionary.org
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November 3, 2021
Welcome to Season 6, "Queer Youth"!
Episode 1: Keylow 
My first chat is with Keylow. A musician with a great story. Find out who they are, what the future holds and why they are That Girl.
find them on tiktok and instagram: @itskeyring
listen to them: YouTube, Sound Cloud and Spotify
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Madjaw Dolls

Madjaw Dolls

October 6, 2021
Meet my new friend, the artist behind Madjaw Dolls, King D. Rheyszagglahar. Madjaw combines a collective mixture of politically satirical storytelling and fashion. Hear King tell their story of who they are, why they invented Madjaw and what's in store for the future.
find them: @madjaw or @kingdrhey or madjawdolls.com 
Stay tuned for Season 6, Queer Teen Podcast, "Queer Youth"
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Queer Ivy Art

Queer Ivy Art

September 10, 2021
Meet my new friend Danny, the artist behind Queer Ivy Art! 
   They describe themselves as a traumatized nonbinary human creating educational and affirming art. Listen to their story about growing up in a cult, leaving that cult by mistake and creating a world of art that uplifts a community with a powerful message of perseverance.
visit queerivyart.com to buy, like and learn all about this amazing human!
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Q Review

Q Review

August 20, 2021

Meet my new friend Kenny Fitzpatrick, founder of Q Review! 

QReview LGBTQ Music Network (the QReview) is a music network focused on growing and fostering awareness of the global 2SLGBTQIA+ music community. 

Our mission:
- be a hub for the global LGBTQ+ music community
- provide services, resources and opportunities for LGBTQ+ artists to grow their audience and increase their professional network
- introduce industry to the community of global LGBTQ+ artists

visit: qreview.ca for more info 

and check out queeruniverse.org, Your 1 stop shop for all things Queer and loving! 

Enjoy! Love to you all. 

Rebirth Garments

Rebirth Garments

August 4, 2021

Meet my new friend Sky Cubacub the founder/creator of Rebirth Garments! 

Rebirth Garment’s mission is to create gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability. The line creates a community where all people can confidently express their individuality and identity.

visit: rebirthgarments.com 

listen. learn. love. 

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Have a Nice Gay, podcast

Have a Nice Gay, podcast

July 23, 2021

Meet Mike Johnson executive producer, Gayish Media, LLC. 

He is one of the creators and host of Have a Nice Gay, podcast, a daily, minutes-long audio snack that’s like a motivational calendar, but gay. And a podcast.

By and for queer people for whom positivity doesn’t always come easy, we’ll bring you a dose of happiness every day, like Monday Motivation, LGBT history, gaymes, or other super quick bites of something nice to make your life a little gayer.

From Gayish Media, i.e. the guys who bring you the award-nominated LGBT podcast Gayish.

Learn about Mike as well and enjoy our candid converGAYtion! 

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